About Carole, HTCP, HTAP, Psychic Medium

Carole has always loved helping people, mediumship, meditation and energy healing are some of the ways she does it. Carole is an Internationally known Spiritual Medium & Psychic as well as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master who works with pets as well. Carole is a certified McLean Meditation teacher, teaching the SEED – Simple Easy Every Day method for meditation. Carole was born with these abilities, but she has trained with some very wonderful teachers from around the world to enhance them.

Carole is here to help you on this journey. Carole uses her mediumship abilities to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over for you as well as your spirit guides. Carole is one of Lisa Williams Preferred Readers chosen out of hundreds to train with Lisa Williams and one of 29 to become a preferred reader. Carole was a member of Best American Psychics, requiring her psychic abilities being tested as well as her mediumship.

As well as mediumship Carole is an energy healer. In 1997 she found a therapy called Healing Touch. Carole read about energy healing but finding Healing Touch allowed her to really make it a part of her life and to be able to help those family members (four legged included) who had been in pain. It turned out she could help others as well with this wonderful healing modality, and her formal education into energy healing began.Carole took her first Healing Touch class in ’97 learning ways to help balance the chakras and clearing energy blocks, learning to feel where there is a disturbance in the body. Carole was hooked and continues to learn more about energy healing all the time. Carole always had a strong desire to help people & animals, she would go out with food as a child and feed stray cats or at least at that time she thought they were stray cats. Most likely the owners wondered why there cats weren’t hungry when they got home. Carole is very thankful to have found Healing Touch as well as other energy healing modalities to help her assist in healing along side of mediumship. Carole also is a Reiki Master and has trained in other Energy healing modalities to better assist her clients.

When she was younger she use to see spirits and was told by a well meaning sibling that she watched too many spooky movies. When Dugan her dog passed away it broke her heart. She would be walking up to the house and see him sitting at the window like he did when he was alive waiting for her to come home. Carole didn’t know what to make of it at that time and felt her heart being torn out each time as well as feeling very alone because she was the only one to see him, she did not want to see him like this anymore it was just too painful for her so she just shut down her ability, or so she thought.Every once in awhile Carole would catch a glimpse of something that was not there physically or hear something and dismiss it as imagination after all that is what everyone told her. Carole is thankful to now to embrace her gifts and include mediumship to assist with healing. Carole said “I know I was given these gifts for a reason, I understand and feel very blessed to be able to have and use these gifts to assist others in their healing”.

Carole has appeared on tv as well as radio shows, and hosted a show on CBS radio Soul Sisters!.

Office location is:

Shelby Business Center

51424 Van Dyke, Suite 11

Shelby Township, MI 48316

(586) 307-6856

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